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Ghatt Productions was established by Matthew "Spike" Brooks who, from a young age, desired to create his own film vision. Originally from small town Ohio, films inspired Matt’s dreams and hopes as well as served as an escape from everyday life. After receiving an 8mm Video Camera for his 16th birthday, Matt was inspired to create his own films. Matt attended Ashland University in Ashland, OH, where he studied Creative Writing and Video Production. After graduating from College in 2007, he relocated to Colorado where he hoped to make films.

After discovering the difficulties of breaking into the industry, Matt took it upon himself to diverge from the mainstream and create his own films. Matt gathered a collection of independent artists, actors, and crew members to form the production company now known as Ghatt Productions, LLC.  He also recruited his friend Jeff Kimble to bring on board for his knowledge and business background.  Jeff didn't hesitate at the opportunity to join the startup, as cinema is a shared passion.

Due to family circumstances, Matt had to once again relocate to Ohio, where Jeff and him mutually parted ways (Jeff continues to contribute where in can, but the distance is limiting)  but Ghatt Productions continued on and Matt began work on his second feature, Bone Cave with the help of his friends. After many set backs and computer errors Bone Cave was released in 2012. In 2012, after releasing Bone Cave, Matt felt the itch to make another feature film, having worked on a short film with a friend, he and his friend devised a plan to make an anthology of shorts. Having just moved to Zanesville, Matt's friend from college, Dee, was brought into the Ghatt mix. He approached her to write a short for the anthology and the rest is history. Since Matt and Dee have teamed up on all aspects of production, special effects make-up, prop making, filming, editing, and any other needs that arrise through production.

Today, Ghatt Productions is constantly striving to obtain the best equipment and make high quality products. Ghatt is committed to providing excellent customer service by offering all that we can to help make the customers vision a reality. Ghatt continues to work on films as well as providing commericials, informational videos, and music videos to clients. Ghatt hopes to widen their services and continue to grow in the future. 

Why Ghatt Productions? Throughout college, Matt became especially close with a group of friends who all shared the same love of Rat Pack films and gangster films like The Godfather and The Untouchables. As such, the group referred to themselves fondly as the Ghatt Pack as an homage to the Rat Pack.

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