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Serial Nightmares (2013)

Serial Nightmares is a feature length film anthology consisting of three featurettes: The Hills Have Hillbillies, Night of the Hippie Dead, and Electronic.Mechanical.Organism.

Bored and unable to sleep a young lady turns on everyone's favorite late night horror marathon complete with the most eccentric of hosts. While she peruses the adventures of slashers, zombies, and cyborgs everything around her seems to go bump in the night.

  • "The Hills Have Hillbillies" - Starling, a punk rock high school student moves to a new small town full of interesting people who don't quite get her as much as she doesn't get them. Just when Starling thinks she is in her worst nightmare, it gets worse. While on a class trip a mysterious killer begins to pick off her classmates one by one.​
  • "Night of the Hippie Dead" - As a group of Hippies gather in the woods for their usual "enlightenment" festivities they come across some shrooms that take them on a trip they've never imagined. A group of greasers on a hunt for a dead body come across the Hippies affected by the toxic shrooms... The ultimate showdown begins: Greasers vs. Hippies.
  • "Electronic.Mechanical.Organism" - Percy lead a mundane boring existence, lacking in social skills, and craving for the attention of the forbidden fruit Eleanor. Percy Cullens is alone and all seems hopeless until he has a run in with Mac, a cyborg from the future. Mac comes to P.C. with a mission, a mission that will save the future of the world. Can Percy climb out of his emo shell and complete the mission when the existence of humanity is on the line?

Bone Cave (2012)

T Rad and Mike are two college slackers who devise a clever scheme to throw a gigantic rave to end all raves. With the help of a sexy, seductive Annora, they secure a remote cave for the ultimate party experience. Things appear to be going great until they realize that they have stumbled straight into the lair of a mysterious killer Bones Magee. With inspirational cues from horror classics like "Friday the 13th" and "Nightmare on Elm Street", Bone Cave' is a retro slasher film full of blood, guts, and amazing one liners.

Connor is a 20 something slacker that dreams of being a musical producer but after his break up with the beautiful and manipulative Liz, Connor shuts down and gives up on his dream. All appears to be lost when Connor receives a chance for redemption when Liz contacts him asking that he attend her going away party before she moves to New York.

  • Ex-Tasy, n. the state of being pathetically beyond reason over an ex. 2. Intense emotion of loss and regret associated with the loss of a relationship 3. (psychology) overpowering emotion characterized by loss of self-control and a temporary loss of dreams, ambitions and motivation to move on; always associated with the obsession over an atrocious ex girlfriend/boyfriend and leads to laziness, self depreciation, and eventually learned helplessness.
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